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When to use the Tahitian Noni Essential Oil blends


From morning until evening, on a workday or your day off, there is an ideal Tahitian Noni Essential Oil blend for you to experience.

So, let’s start with the morning. You’ve got a full day ahead of you, so this would a perfect time to enjoy the Energize Blend. It helps increase mental acuity, sharpens focus, stimulates the senses and sparks activity. Or, you could also try out our Fortify Blend, which was created to help you stand up to the pressure and stress of everyday life, infusing vigor into the senses. Some of the best ways to enjoy these blends are to add a few drops to your diffuser in the morning, or apply directly to your temples, beneath your nose, or the bottom of your feet.

After a productive day, however, it’s time to consider some other blends. If you just want to unwind, then you’ll love the Relax Blend. It’s designed to quiet the mind and ease the senses, thanks to its soothing and calming properties. Likewise, you’ll enjoy using our Relief Blend, which eases tension and calms the mind. You could even turn to our Lavender Blend, as its sweet floral properties promote relaxation. You’ll especially love these blends when adding them to a foot bath or whole body bath. You can even apply a drop to each side of your pillow before bed – or place an oil-treated tissue inside your pillowcase – for some divine slumber.

Now, if you’re just coming back from the gym, or you’ve just performed some physically taxing labors, then the Recover Blend is just the essential oil to turn to. Intended primarily for direct topical application, it provides a cool, soothing sensation and comforting effects. You can add this blend to your bath, or apply several drops to your lotion of choice, and then apply directly to your tired, sore, recovering muscles.

If you’re going to be spending time outdoors hiking, gardening, camping, etc., turn to our Repel Blend to repel nature’s annoyances and condition your skin. It includes natural oils that were chosen for their tendency to deter the presence of environmental pests. Apply directly to exposed skin, or combine with water and spritz around your doors and windows to protect your home.

And that’s not even all our blends! There are 12 different Tahitian Noni Essential Oil blends in all, and all can be enjoyed through various means of application. Find out which blends you enjoy the most for your various occasions throughout the day.

Text & Image © , Matt Hodge