Origins and Destiny

An introduction to the histrory of the noni fruit, the founding of Tahitian Noni International (Morinda), and the introduction of TAHITIAN NONI® Juice to the world

From Tree to Bottle

See how Tahitian Noni® Juice is produced, from the noni tree to that bottle in your fridge. Includes harvesting, processing, and quality assurance processes.

There can be only one

Morinda beverages are the ideal choice for all those
who seek to maintain an active and balanced lifestyle while facing the challenges of modern life.

This is evidenced by an ever-growing body of research. Independent scientists around the world have confirmedthat a substantial number of bioactives provide proven health benefits.

Morinda Beverages are proven to improve your well-being
by 14 human clinical studies

Millions of people have experienced the unique benefits of the noni fruit in their own lives.

Morinda has created the Tahitian Noni® Beverage line with the goal of supplying you and your family with the ideal noni juice products that best fit your needs.

Max: The world´s greatest Beverage

Thrive Adaptogenics Max from Morinda is an innovative new supplement that’s causing people to rethink the way they approach their health.

Max dramatically improves health and protects against many of today’s common health concerns.