noni tree

Elements of noni: the noni tree

There are many ways to utilize the noni tree for our benefit, and Morinda is proof of that

The noni tree is a gift that keeps on giving. It’s not just the noni fruit itself that Morinda has incorporated into their products. Instead, Morinda scientists have discovered how to utilize the noni fruit, leaves and seeds in order to bring wonderful health and beauty benefits to people all over the world.

And while Morinda was the first company to offer commercially available noni products, the use of all noni elements isn’t new. In Polynesia, the leaves, seeds, fruit, bark, stems, and all other parts of the noni plant have been traditionally used for vitality and to help the body’s natural ability to stay healthy.

Morinda has used all types of noni raw materials in our products over the years, most notably utilizing the fruit, seeds and leaves. But, they have actually used about 30 different specific noni raw elements in their products. That includes numerous different extracts or preparations of the fruit, seeds and leaves.

Some examples of these materials and the products they appear in: noni fruit concentrate (TruAge Max), noni fruit puree (Tahitian Noni Juice), noni seed powder (Noni Brightening Facial Refiner), noni seed oil (Tahitian Noni Essential Oils), noni seed extract (Noni Brightening Facial Mask), noni fruit juice (Body Balance Cream), noni fruit juice concentrate (Original Concentrate), noni leaf juice (Noni Leaf Serum), and noni leaf tea (TruAge Pure). Of course, many of our products feature multiple noni elements.

The most recent application for the elements of noni can be found in two new TeMana products: Skin Brightening Facial Refiner and Skin Brightening Body Refiner. Both products use noni seed powder-crushed-up noni seeds-to safely and effectively exfoliate the skin.

Oh, and there are many other noni raw materials (about another 30, in fact) that are available or under development, but not being currently used in any of the products. Who knows, in the future these materials may find their way into a new product.

What’s more, Morinda has gathered or conducted an incredible amount of research on noni raw fruit materials, Tahitian Noni Juice and other noni products, finding all sorts of benefits for all the elements of the noni fruit and tree.

If there’s a way to utilize the noni tree that will improve one’s quality of life, you better believe the brilliant scientists can find out how to implement it.

Text & Image © , Matt Hodge