Twenty-two years Tahitian Noni Strong


Morinda has just turned 22 years old – can you believe it? I’m not sure the Morinda founders could ever have imagined what an incredible success story this company and Tahitian Noni Juice have been, but here we are 22 years later and still going strong – Tahitian Noni Strong!

As a comparison, there have been hundreds of competing noni products over the years – Morinda’s research and development team has analyzed more than 300 such products – and most of these products and the companies that created them are now gone. This is a case in which the first truly was (and still is) the best; no one has been able to improve on or even match Tahitian Noni Juice.

Why is that? Well, Morinda uses only the earth’s best noni, which grows in Tahiti. And, Morinda has the world’s best noni scientists, many of which have worked at Morinda for the majority of its existence. In addition, no company has poured money into noni research like Morinda has.

Because of these incredible minds and the dedication to noni, Morinda is able to continue creating noni-based products that improve one’s quality of life. Want to look and feel better? Morinda has got just what you need. During this past year, Morinda was able to introduce new products, including the TeMana Lips line and additions to our Noni Brightening line. And Morinda is always aiming for more.

So, thank you everyone for helping Morinda to reach this milestone. Here’s to a fantastic 22 years, with many more to come!

Text & Image ©, Matt Hodge